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Azazael Darkomen

Post by AzazaelDarkomen on Fri Jun 24, 2016 8:59 pm

Name: Azazel Darkomen
Age: 271 – Year of Rebirth - 1745
Species: Vampire
Face Claim (if applicable): Kit Harrington

Appearance: [include eye colour, hair colour, build, height, weight, skin tone, and any defining traits such as tattoos, piercings, birth marks, etc.]

Eyes: Azazel’ eyes are small but with a crystal blue iris, which are a distinguishing feature on their own, they hold a cool and calming gaze that speaks of a hidden wisdom. They are a distinguishing part of his Vampire genetics as they appear resemble the normal human iris but when you stare deep into his eyes you can just about see the protective membrane that shields them from the ultra violet light of sun.

Hair: Azazel’s keeps his hair grown long to the small of his back, which he binds and plaits to hide its rough and course texture, another unusual feature about Azazel hair is it jet black. He wears a short goatee beard that he keeps trim and distinguished.
Personality: Those who have met him describe him as having a feral charm and being extremely intelligent but with a hidden evil temper, which can turn into a berserk fury if he is thwarted in his endeavours. Azazel seems to exult a raw sense of power that comes with a brooding  silence, speaking only to confirm or ask for information and rarely heard to mutter anything more than a greeting or question . Azazel has a personality that is as faceted as a crystal and would had anyone managed to evaluate him have bordered on schizophrenic , often when alone he will mutter to himself and talk himself through his past decisions.

One of Azazel greatest talents or faults is a natural curiosity, when intrigued by situation he will pick and question and analyse until he gets the truth out of a person. He can seem boisterous and too fast to make a decision, often relying upon someone else to make a decision and analyse the situation but then realising with a shock that he has already acted for the best.. Azazel does have an excellent memory and a mind that can pick apart the truth of the things he has learned through his curiosity and assemble them in order of importance.

Clothing: (Optional) Azazel doesn't have a style of clothing that you might expect of the normal person, starting from the bottom up he wears a pair of the latest issue army boots, that are kept clean but not polished and always have a fresh set of laces. This is a throwback from his time in the military, but mostly these days he wears normal civilian clothing with a pair of sturdy levis jeans and a plain white or blue t-shirt over the top which emphasises his huge frame.

Background:- Azazel is the catalyst that plunged the world into darkness and he know's it. Long has he been the guard of the Queen's of the world beyond and long has he laboured over his duty.


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Re: Azazael Darkomen

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