The Main Plot

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The Main Plot

Post by VampireInTheSky on Fri Jun 24, 2016 10:48 am

The year is 2020. Planet Earth is as beautiful as always, if not more. Polution has decreased by 50%, the planet is much greener, and the air is much cleaner. Population growth has stopped and humanity is now thriving. However, Planet Earth hides a dark secret. It is a secret that even the majority of the population are blissfully unaware of. Hidden amongst the living, those that are neither living nor dead exist in what can only be described as a whole other world. Hidden beneath the earth's surface are huge castles the size of cities. Hidden across the world are portals into a whole other world, known only as Occulta.
Fifty years ago, Occulta had a beautiful Queen, the vampire Queen Ophelia. During her reign Occulta lived next to Planet Earth in peace; vampires and demons alike were able to move freely between the two worlds but most stayed in Occulta where they did not have to live in secret. When the vampire Queen Ophelia died with no heir, Occulta fell into turmoil. For a number of years Occulta was left with no leadership, until rumours started to surface about a legend. The legend said that where no hair to Occulta was provided, a human would be granted the strength, speed, and power to become King or Queen themselves. The legend stated that should this human be found they were to be trained in Occulta and must take the throne. It was their destiny. Vampire and demons flocked to Planet Earth in search of the new human to become the next King or Queen.
The imbalance caused by the influx of demons to Planet Earth caused another phenomenon. Certain humans started to exhibit powers, and witches and shapeshifters were created to stop the living dead causing chaos.
And so began the war begin the light and the dark; the witches and shapeshifters against the vampire and demons. From this chaos was born a girl named Zariah. Now at the age of 21, she begins to sense that something is not quite right with her life. From the shadows she is being watched, for she is the destined Queen of Occulta. Will she be bound by human constraints for the rest of her life or will she take up her destiny and take the throne of Occulta? Will she be able to bring the war threatening Planet Earth to an end? Will she be able to save her world?


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